If you can't come to our taquieria, we come to you! Our taco truck is located in different location thruoghout the Bay Area.
Thursday, February 25th11pm-2pm
Contra Costa Village (Walnut Creek)
Saturday, February 27th11am-7pm
Tuesday, March 2nd4pm-8pm
Wednesday, March 3rd4pm-8pm
Thursday, March 4th11am-2pm
Friday, March 5th5pm-8pm
Saturday, March 6th11am-5pm
Sunday, March 7th12pm-5pm
Wednesday, March 10th3pm-7:30pm
Thursday, March 11th5pm-9pm
Friday, March 12th4pm-8pm
Sunday, March 14th11am-5pm
Tuesday, March 16th5pm-7pm
Wednesday, March 17th4pm-8pm
Thursday, March 18th5pm-8pm
Friday, March 19th11am-3pm
Saturday, March 20th10am-2pm
Sunday, March 21st12pm-5pm
Tuesday, March 23rd11am-2pm
Wednesday, March 24th11am-3pm
Thursday, March 25th5pm-8pm
Friday, March 26th12pm-2pm
Saturday, March 27th11am-5pm
Tuesday, March 30th4pm-8pm
Wednesday, March 31st4pm-8pm